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So you moved your project from Google Code to GitHub to Gitlab on a free tier?

How much more warnings do you need? Seriously? Host it yourself or lose it. These services are to 'back up' your data only and share your project. That's it.

Your code should be under your control, and even an underpowered machine is enough to run gitea, fossil, kallithea or mercurial. Yes, there are other solutions than git.

I know this, because that's what I do.


Let me help out #gitlab and delete my account myself 😉

Interesting fact: `[` is both an external program and a shell builtin in most Unix shells.

Try `which [` and `type [`.


The best explination I've ever seen of why the argument against online privacy is stupid:


Oh no some of #gitlab's own dependencies have a 1 year gap in their commit history

The first I found is seed-fu.

Don't worry gitlab, the project is hosted on github, so you won't nuke your own dep. lol


in light of the recent #GitLab controversy, maybe consider supporting the Software Heritage ( organization...


#Gitlab took in almost $88 million in revenue during the last quarter and posted net losses of more than $25 million.

That's a bit hard to fathom, hosting a #cloud based #software
product that loses that much money in the face of so much income, not to mention that part of that revenue comes from customers who self-host.

But now this...

Gitlab always smelled bad to me, and for those who fled #GitHub to go there instead of hosting their own #Gitea instances, well?

My Gitea instance got spammed by

It now has nearly 800 users, almost all of which are from 🤔

Hmm, I really need to implement domain blocking in Gitea soon, once I have more time...


If you're on the Fediverse and you want to host code for libre software and other collaborative projects, you might want to check out @gitea:

It's free, open source and it's currently in process of adding Fediverse compatibility through ActivityPub, the same standard that Mastodon etc use to communicate with each other.

You can see some of the Gitea instances that already have experimental Fediverse connections listed at

If you're just looking for a Gitea instance to join, there's @codeberg at

To see the current state of federated forges, have a look at the @forgefriends blog post at

#FediTips #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Gitea #ForgeFed #GitHub #GitLab #Alternatives


Seemingly #GitLab is trying to find a way to lose any community goodwill it may have had and take itself out of the pool of viable options for those looking to #GiveUpGitHub.
Meh. Time to #GiveUpGitLab too I guess...


people living with others in a flat, where one person had #covid: did it work out for you to isolate and not catch it?

Since this method lets me directly access the files, I can start a container from the backup using systemd-nspawn!

Also, btrfs compression reduced disk usage by 24%, not bad.

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I ended up deciding to use this rsync command for backups:

rsync -aAHSxXz --delete --info progress2 -e "waypipe ssh" --rsync-path="env SUDO_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass sudo -A rsync"

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Anyone have recommendations for a backup tool to back up the disk of one computer (specifically the server) to another remote computer?

I don't need the destination to be encrypted, but I'd like a tool with good compression, delta transfer, and fast deletion of old backups so backups are small and quick.

Right now I'm considering using rsync -aHAXS --delete --progress to a btrfs compressed folder, which does completely discard the old backup, but I'm fine with that.

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