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This feels so freaking amazing:

One of the first distros I ever used was Mageia, for the strange reason that there's an official Docker Hub image for Mageia.

At the time I'd just discovered Docker on Windows, so I naturally had a lot of fun with it, such as recursively nesting 10 Docker containers:

Today I tried firing up a Mageia Distrobox container, and after forgetting that the way faster dnf has replaced urpmi (worst package manager ever), it finally worked!

Scary quote from "I'm mainly concerned about having 89 AUR packages installed"

Looking back, why the heck did we have 89 AUR packages installed???

Currently exozyme has 40 AUR packages, which already feels like a lot.

I wrote a blog post about some badly-documented tricks:

Maybe that'll motivate me and the other exozyme members to improve our wiki... will be having a virtual today at 18:00 UTC (about 2.3 hours from now)!

The hackathon will be at on Matrix and open to everyone. You can come collaborate with others on programming projects, chat, and meet the exozyme community!


Here's a new one(hopefully)

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

I worked on ironing out some bugs with this process and switched from Toolbox to Distrobox, so now users finally have an easy way to get a remote desktop of any distro with any DE or WM that they want. Truly amazing stuff!

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Which is worse to have leaked on the internet?

OK, I found another clue: I did some speed tests and the jitter is insanely high! (like over 300ms)

However, on which is connected to the router by ethernet, the jitter is only a few ms. So it must be the router...

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The update worked perfectly fine, surprisingly, and fractional scaling is so much better in Mint 21 compared to 20!

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/tmp is always a huge smoldering mess on shared servers (but fortunately gets cleaned out every reboot)

Currently the /tmp on contains 297 files owned by 13 different users (using `ls -l | cut -d' ' -f4 | sort | uniq | wc`)

Alright, I'm doing a "dangerous" Linux Mint 20 to 21 upgrade by compiling and running it and hoping for the best...

I already tried it in a VM and it kinda worked except I broke the VM by fiddling with the screen resolution so now it just shows a black screen

I also tried uploading the compiled mintupgrade_2022.05.05.2_all.deb to this post but mastodon doesn't allow arbitrary uploads which makes me want to encode the deb into an image...


If I ever vtube the 3D model will be a V-shaped tube


I really cannot overstate the damage that we are inviting on ourselves by allowing brands to act like people in our social spaces

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one really weird thing I noticed after switching to gigabit internet is that it feels *slower* for some reason. Like for instance, it feels like there's more lag and latency when SSHing into another computer on my LAN.

And all the internet speed tests I've done have been normal and upload/downloads of large files are super fast, but browsing just feels super sluggish.

maybe it's just the dumb AT&T router being dumb

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