How to play videos in your terminal:
mpv -vo=tct ""

(You also need yt-dlp installed for this example)

: You can use /dev/stdout as a file and it even works with pipes!

: You can speed up downloads from using aria2c -c -x 16 -s 16

: is the most useful website you've never heard of.

If is blurry, switching to a different display arrangement and back to your original one usually fixes it, and it's much faster than logging out and in again (which always fixes the issue)

fish script to find all non-profile picture images in the media_store

for i in **
identify $i &> /dev/null
if test $status -eq 0
if [ (identify -format "%[fx:w]" $i) != (identify -format "%[fx:h]" $i) ]
echo $i

Quick and dirty timer: time sleep 1000000, then hit Ctrl-C

: If you want to become the maintainer of an AUR package, you can either email the current maintainer politely... or you can do what I did to the Mastodon package and annoyingly marked it out of date minutes after each new release came out!

: Put bacon soda instead of baking soda into cakes just troll people

: How to avoid data loss: alias rm='gio trash'

How to search for messages in the Mastodon database: select * from statuses where text like '%searchtexthere%';


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