I just learned about Sixel (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixel) and it's INSANE.

The only caveat is you need to have a terminal with Sixel support such as konsole, but if you do, try img2sixel with any image.

The graph for my current laptop is not too interesting though

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exozyme used to have over 220 manually installed packages since we wanted to be a batteries-included pubnix, but after a year of various cleanups we're now down to 116 and no one is complaining. Turns out no one even used all the random obscure tools we used to have installed.

I wrote a script (git.exozy.me/exozyme/scripts/s) many months ago to plot the number of total packages installed, and I ran it today on exozyme (surprise, it still works perfectly):


Apparently my 2GB USB 2.0 drive is actually a 2500GB drive??? 🤔

ah yes, my favorite display resolution of all time.

(Using xrdp+FreeRDP+Guacamole remote desktop at desk.exozy.me at a hotel on a cellular hotspot (because the hotel's wifi is impossibly slow) and it works shockingly well)

This feels so freaking amazing:

One of the first distros I ever used was Mageia, for the strange reason that there's an official Docker Hub image for Mageia.

At the time I'd just discovered Docker on Windows, so I naturally had a lot of fun with it, such as recursively nesting 10 Docker containers: git.exozy.me/Ta180m/Arch-All-t

Today I tried firing up a Mageia Distrobox container, and after forgetting that the way faster dnf has replaced urpmi (worst package manager ever), it finally worked!

I worked on ironing out some bugs with this process and switched from Toolbox to Distrobox, so now exozy.me users finally have an easy way to get a remote desktop of any distro with any DE or WM that they want. Truly amazing stuff!

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I was trying to extract the backgrounds from the Mint 21 beta iso, and in an act of brilliant stupidity, I accidentally mounted the squashfs file to one of its parent directories. 😦

Wait... but it actually works even though the squashfs file no longer exists in the filesystem! 🤔 I guess this works because the squashfs file wasn't deleted and still exists inside the ISO image.


I'll try to keep my following count at 113 to get another perfect combination at 113 and 355. (because 355/113≈)

So apparently my NVME drive can go up to 65261.8°C (maybe it was designed for a solar probe mission that's going to go *inside* the sun)

👌 PyTorch

Apparently 100.19% memory usage is not an OOM 🤔

You can generate 2010-era Ubuntu IRC chat logs on 20b.eleuther.ai/ by giving it the prompt "<someusername>"

For instance:

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