Sagt mal, gibt es zur neuen #gitea Föderierung auch schon Doku?

@aligyie @team This is the current federation status for Gitea:

I'm primarily working on getting this PR merged right now:

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@ta180m @aligyie @team is #gitea federation coming before #forgefed being 1.0? if so, how/why is that? forgefed being figured out by building gitea fed features?

@ITwrx @aligyie @team I'm working on both ForgeFed and Gitea federation, and we're developing both at the same time. Implementing ForgeFed in a real application gives us a lot of useful feedback of how to improve the spec. If I had to guess, ForgeFed 1.0 will probably be released before Gitea 1.18, which will be the first Gitea release with federation.

@ta180m @aligyie @team I know how that goes, thanks. Keep up the good work. This is important.
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