Anyone have recommendations for a backup tool to back up the disk of one computer (specifically the server) to another remote computer?

I don't need the destination to be encrypted, but I'd like a tool with good compression, delta transfer, and fast deletion of old backups so backups are small and quick.

Right now I'm considering using rsync -aHAXS --delete --progress to a btrfs compressed folder, which does completely discard the old backup, but I'm fine with that.

I ended up deciding to use this rsync command for backups:

rsync -aAHSxXz --delete --info progress2 -e "waypipe ssh" --rsync-path="env SUDO_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass sudo -A rsync"


Since this method lets me directly access the files, I can start a container from the backup using systemd-nspawn!

Also, btrfs compression reduced disk usage by 24%, not bad.

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Maybe a bit late but there a cli program called #btrbk that can do what your looking for with automatic #snapshots
It uses a config file

@lil5 Good idea, but only one of the computers uses btrfs and the other one uses ext4, so I don't think btrfs snapshots would work here.

@ta180m true, even in btrbk’s documentation is shows your use-case as:
1. rsync from source to backup
2. btrbk for snapshots

Under the header “Example: Backup from non-btrfs Source” in

@lil5 Interesting idea. I also thought of something similar: take btrfs snapshots of the destination subvolume. However I only need the most recent backup and don't care about the ones before, so this wouldn't be necessary in my case.

@ta180m until you realize a file was corrupted/deleted after you made a #backup

@lil5 well yeah, there's always a balance between storing lots of backups to recover old files and disk space usage. For me, I almost never use my backups to restore old individual files (the main purpose is to protect against disk failure/my house burning down/invasive iguana species from outer space annexes my house and eats all my hard drives/etc). So, I just keep a single backup and I'm fine with it.

@lil5 also, my most important 10 GB of data is backed up without discarding older versions. It's backed to four different places, actually: the original copy, an offsite backup to a computer 1600km away using rsync (the one I set up yesterday), on a cloud service with encryption, and a copy on my phone.

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