This feels so freaking amazing:

One of the first distros I ever used was Mageia, for the strange reason that there's an official Docker Hub image for Mageia.

At the time I'd just discovered Docker on Windows, so I naturally had a lot of fun with it, such as recursively nesting 10 Docker containers:

Today I tried firing up a Mageia Distrobox container, and after forgetting that the way faster dnf has replaced urpmi (worst package manager ever), it finally worked!

Also KDE *really* needs to bring back the desktop cube.

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@ta180m I wonder if there are compositors with 3D effects...

@iska Compiz still exists, but no one really uses it anymore. Kwin supports some 3D effects but some of them were removed last year for being "old and unmaintainable".

I think I saw it in the settings or as downloadable.

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