Since the is no UI whatsoever for federated features in Gitea currently, I'm currently using some Ruby scripts[1] based on that old ActivityPub blog post that Gargron did four years ago[2]. Hey, it works well enough for me!


The federated pull request implementation is next

@signal9 If you think this is cool, just wait til you see federated pull requests which should be coming soon sometime this week!

@signal9 Currently, the code for this can be found at my Gitea fork:

I am working on upstreaming these commits through pull requests,, but the process can be very slow. For instance, one of my earlier pull requests[1] took 90 days to be merged. I'm sure some of the federated features will be merged before the Gitea 1.18 release in October, but it probably won't be complete (for instance, project board federation likely won't be in Gitea 1.18)


@requiem @ta180m @signal9 Ohh my, I can't wait for ActivityPub to take over the world!
You are doing some very important work here.

@6543 @signal9 I'm going to submit a PR soon once I finish cleaning up my current code.

@ta180m oh wow, is Gitea just like, a federated github? A WIP? Or am I missing something
Srry I kinda live under a rock when it comes to techy stuff

@raphaelmorgan @ta180m For now, Gitea is simply a great GitHub clone that you can self-host (or, for example, use for open-source). Federation is still WIP.


it's software. git-based web hosting for code and comments and such.

so, it's like github, except it's free software that people who are not Microsoft can run for themselves. So, more like gitlab, but people seem to find gitea easier to run.

Many do run their own. But the problem is the same as, say, running your own forum software versus using Facebook/Twitter/Insta/etc: How do you get enough people signed up on your one site to make it useful & interesting?

So, this project is trying to add federation, so one doesn't need to have a thousand different accounts to interact.


@idlestate @raphaelmorgan Yeah, that's a good summary.

I usually point people to when they ask me for a high-level summary of the project.


that's cool.

I was particularly trying to avoid things like the phrase used there: "anyone can host the software".

We see a lot of discussion around these parts about that kind of language, how it embodies certain assumptions about who counts as "anybody".

Usually it's not meant to be exclusive--just the opposite, in fact--but in some circles it carries a certain sense of disappointment and broken promises.


@ta180m @raphaelmorgan

(not sure I achieved that goal but still that's what I had in mind)

@idlestate @raphaelmorgan I've been working on a completely different project over the past few months for a new federation protocol that uses relay servers for NAT traversal and to enable end-to-end connectivity, so that anyone can host an application server on their computer. It's basically on steroids. I have a repo for it but it's quite empty.

@gabriel @ta180m Very glad to see that! The number 1 reason projects cling to #Github is because they think devs are too lazy to create more than 1 forge acct. This feature will eliminate that excuse. BTW is now on the forge list:

@ta180m OK, that's cool. Time to really get going on migrating away from github

@ta180m Feels like a gamechanger! Federated Distributed Version Control (FDVC)

@ta180m Sending git patches through activitypub (instead of email) when :02smile:

@koakuma That'll be later this week when I finally get my federated pull request code working!

@ta180m @YoSiJo This is excellent news. It has the potential to put “distributed” back into DVCS. Open source is far too dependent on GitHub nowadays.

@ta180m Will instance administrations be given a restriction option with regard to the federation? So basically the federation to certain GitLab or GitHub or other Gitea instances, as is the case with Mastodon, for example?

@w4ts0n Federation is disabled by default. If you do enable it and would like to stop federating with a certain user or server, you'll also be able to block them.

@thor @matrixsasuke Here's a high-level summary of the project:

You can find (or even build and deploy) the code for this at If you do deploy the code, be careful and have backups since it's unstable and may or may not cause your server to explode.

@arya @thor @matrixsasuke Seriously though, my code will modify the Gitea database in strange and unexpected ways, so yeah, have backups.

@ta180m congrats. looking forward to federated PRs

@ta180m this is awesome, is it possible to browse federated repos from your instance?

@antichrist_hater No, searching for federated repos and discovery is being worked on by a different project, Forgeflux's Northstar and Starchart (

My Gitea fork is instead for implementing the ForgeFed protocol ( and behavior in Gitea.

@ta180m :white_heart: i'm looking forward to following #git repos from #mastodon :mastodon:

:blobhearteyes: :blobpats: :blobaww:

@ta180m I very much appreciate the work you are doing on this. When it is fully functional and merged upstream federation is going to be Gitea's "killer feature", the one thing that sets it apart from other forge software.

@ta180m Wow! Congratulations to everybody involved in this achievement - can't wait to use it some day 😀

The anti-MITM Attack service, MitiGator (@mg) has been posting ppls issues to gitea automatically, too.

Its pretty great.

@ta180m OMG What do you need to go faster ? :)
I don't know Golang :/

@Mindiell I don't really know much Golang either and I just use StackOverflow and autocomplete and that works for me.

Currently, the area that needs the most work is the UI and frontend, since right now there's no UI whatsoever for federated features in Gitea and I'm using the Mastodon UI and some random Ruby scripts for testing and debugging.

@ta180m I'm waiting for this kind of feature for so long, big thanks !

@ta180m @Mindiell some say golang can be learned in one evening, tbh if you're determined you can open valuable PRs after just a few days of intensified practice.

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