I need to delete my GitHub and GitLab repos... I'm a Gitea federation developer, why do I even still have them?

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shoot, I have over a hundred repos so this is gonna take a while...

uggghhhh I have so much junk Git repos... I need to trash some of them sometime...

like wtf is this? Did I really do the Hugo quickstart guide and upload the results as a repo? Why???

@ta180m The question is not why, but “Why not ?”. At least it take space on GitHub disks, and at most they saved it in their bunker/code vault in the north.

@ta180m to me deleting repos is somewhere near burning books. Sure, they might be useless to you, old and pointless but this is still some sort of knowledge. It's not like GitHub or GitLab are fighting for quota...

@sivar I already migrated all my repos to my personal Gitea instance and Codeberg a few months ago, but I didn't delete original copies on GitHub and GitLab.

So by deleting the GitHub repos now, I'm not really losing any knowledge, but instead showing my support for Gitea and Codeberg and my opposition to GitHub.

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