I love how my website's builds are so fast Woodpecker often thinks they haven't started yet: ci.exozy.me/Ta180m/website

It feels so to push a commit to my website repo and for it to build *instantly*!

I should probably create an issue on the Woodpecker repo for this bug of builds under one second being reported as "not started yet", but I actually like it better this way. Sounds cooler.

The reason my builds are so fast is because I'm using the local backend for Woodpecker (which I wrote myself and contributed upstream) so builds don't have to use a Docker container and clone the repository each time.

Actually, the real reason I wrote the local backend was because I wanted to learn Go by doing an interesting project. At the time I didn't know Go but I wanted to contribute to Gitea federation, so it seemed like the perfect project to do first.


Nowadays I rarely use containers, and when I do, it's because I need a clean environment to fix a particularly elusive bug.

An example: codeberg.org/ForgeFed/ForgeFed doesn't happen when I run the build script on my machine, but the script mangles emojis when it's run in CI. Starting a Debian container using Podman helped track down the bug: the LANG env variable wasn't set.

Welp, my PR to fix the bug embarrassingly didn't work because I forgot how to write bashisms, but we got it fixed eventually!

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