I'm going to try streaming myself working on on PeerTube:

Feel free to ask questions in the chat about Gitea federation development! In today's stream, I'll be working on implementing federated starring by first figuring out how to handle remote repositories in the database.

This is my first time in 6 months streaming on PeerTube, so I hope my setup still works...

I'll be starting the stream again in about an hour. In today's stream I'll be implementing a ForgeFed package.

The link is the same as always:

@Poslovitch It already started and lasted for about 30 minutes. I'll be streaming so more tomorrow so stay tuned!

@ta180m *adds a Stylus User Stylesheet to give the #content more space because the sidebar is taking up waaay too much space

Ah, it's soo great to know my way around CSS 🙂

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