<-> Mastodon federated following is looking good now! 🎉

If you want to try it out, go to
(or whatever the remote interaction URL is for your ActivityPub server)

The code still needs a lot of cleanup before I can submit a PR to Gitea, but I'll do that tomorrow!

The demo isn't working currently because Gitea is rejecting Mastodon's HTTP signatures, and I'm debugging the issue right now.

@ta180m I'm not sure, what you just did here - it will inform on anything user pushes?

@sivar In theory, yes, but I haven't written the code yet that actually sends out a ForgeFed Activity after each user action.

@sivar All the code is public:

I'm working on cleaning it up right now and will submit a PR to upstream Gitea later today.

@ale I didn't know Go before starting to work on Gitea federation actually 😄! imo Go isn't the hard part, but instead the toughest part of the learning curve is learning ActivityPub and how to implement it.

@ yes, that is the hard part, the routes and the logic of the endpoints, you can look at other implementations to know how it is programmed, that is what I would do

@ta180m same-same, i still dont understand why i must to implement inbox *and* outbox, if i need a uni-directional federation

@kamee Having both an inbox and outbox is mainly for C2S ActivityPub (remember, AP consists of two protocols, C2S and S2S). However C2S isn't actually implemented much and S2S tends to be what everyone implements.

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