I finally followed my account from Mastodon!!!

Now I have to figure out how to accept the follow request... (also sorry for not adding image descriptions, I'm too excited right now!)

@ta180m Image description: a screen showing that a follow has been done successfully on a hosted git account.

@boilingsteam In theory, yes, but I haven't written the code yet that actually sends out a ForgeFed Activity after each user action.

@ta180m so thats not something thats baked in gitea for now in terms of features?

@boilingsteam Yeah, federation features will (most likely) be released in Gitea 1.18 in October. All of this code is still highly experimental and can be found at gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea

@drwho Federation features will most likely be released in Gitea 1.18, so you only have to wait until October...

You *could* try the code (gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/src/bra) now, but it's all highly experimental and might cause damage to your Gitea database, so I wouldn't recommend it.

@kas Not yet. Federation features will probably be officially released in Gitea 1.18 in October.

@genofire @kas I submitted a draft PR github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull but it's blocked by #19133 currently so it'll be a while until it's merged.

@daniel It's a highly experimental feature right now and will be officially released in Gitea 1.18.

@ta180m How did you do that? I can’t seem to follow mine. I have federation enabled.

@gergely It's experimental code that won't be officially released until Gitea 1.18 in October. You can find the code here: gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/src/bra

@verita84 No, it's currently not even in upstream Gitea yet, but it should be merged in time for Gitea 1.18 which comes out in October or November.

@ta180m how can i make my gitea mastodon-compatible? Or is it by default and i don't even know?!

@Me_but_lewd Most of these federated features haven't been upstreamed yet and are only in my Gitea fork[1].

I wrote a guide[2] for running it, but just be careful and have backups since it's experimental code.

1. gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea
2. gitea.com/Ta180m/gitea/wiki/Ru

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