I got the livechat plugin ( working and I have to say, that was one of the smoothest installation and configuration procedures I've ever seen. It's just install the plugin, install Prosody, enable the plugin in its settings, and it automatically handles the rest!

Now maybe I'll have some time in the future to actually live-stream...

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@ta180m you can get a little picky with the settings if you want, but it's somehow set and forget, for running an XMPP server alongside peertube.

The ability to take an embed of the web chat for things like OBS is a little bit weird without a tweak or two though.


I'll try to improve this by the next month. Don't hesitate to open an issue on the github repo with your comments.
I know for example that there is an issue when trying to add a semi-transparent background. I thought it worked, but when I tried it again it doesn't.


This is the kind of message that is a pleasure to read when you wake up. Thank you! (I'm the plugin developer)

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