Look, I just have really really minimal dotfiles!

It makes it easy to set up a new machine since I can just make a few symlinks and I'm good to go!

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@ta180m I built it from looking at other .zshrc files and by reading the enormous manual

@brunomiguel I use fish so my fish_variables contains all my favorite aliases:

(Also my default editor is micro, because both fish and micro just work™)

@ta180m micro is amazing! I've been using it for a couple of years. Never used the Fish shell, though; I only recently switched from Bash to Zsh because that was what I was using since I started with Linux around 2 decades or so ^^

@ta180m also, it has been the default in most Linux distributions and most of the information you find targets Bash

@brunomiguel Yeah, most Bash stuff will more or less work in Zsh but blindly copying Bash commands into Fish will lead to Fish spewing errors at you. I feel like Fish's greatest weakness is that it's not POSIX-compliant but also doesn't try to radically try to improve the shell experience, which I feel like the developers should totally have tried. Fish just feels like a really well configured Zsh.

@brunomiguel I tried zsh a while ago (and created that .zshrc) but I feel like I'd just remake fish if I continued customizing zsh.

I think Fish was one of the things that really got me to like Linux since before then I was struggling a lot with Bash and Fish changed everything!

@ta180m what are the main advantages of Fish, in your opinion?

@brunomiguel The two best features by far are its history substring search with the arrrow keys and smart autocomplete. Works right out of the box!

@potatoxel @brunomiguel BASHing your head on the wall is what people do when writing bash scripts

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