Gitea should be able to federate with itself today for the first time in history! Stay tuned


Alright the inbox and outbox are now rigged up to the Gitea API, time to test sending a follow request!

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Crap, the follow request crashes Gitea. Time for some FUN debugging!

YEEEEAH!!!! Federated Gitea following finally works! 🎉 That's me, following another user on my instance:

Ironically federated following only works for local users right now 😃

If you're interested, you can find the code here:

This is a great start, but there's still much more to do: supporting following remote users, the UI, database persistence, code cleanup, error handling, and unit tests. Good thing the hard part's over now! Thank god, I can now follow Wang(s) all around the world on my instance /s .. Sorry for being bad..

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