#Gitea is joining the fediverse 🎉 We can now announce we've been accepted into the #NLnet funding round that we applied to. nlnet.nl/project/Gitea/

Thank you to @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends and so many others for getting us to this point.

We are very much looking forward to many wonderful things that federation within forges can support.


@gitea @NGIZero @dachary @forgefriends Awesome! Is there an estimate of when Gitea's federation support will be production-ready?

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@ta180m @gitea @NGIZero @forgefriends it's impossible to say for sure but I suspect 2022 will be about preparing the ground for federation. And maybe something will be user facing next year. Wild guess on my part though 😄

@dachary @gitea @NGIZero @forgefriends Cool, looks like 2022 will be an exicitng year! Is there a particular Git repo where federation development is taking place right now? I'm interested in getting involved and helping out, but I'm not sure where to start.

@ta180m @gitea @NGIZero @forgefriends it's happening in the Gitea & forgefriends repositories. Would you like to join the chat room to discuss this further?


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