@eggfreckles Yeah, my @xy account is one of the new maintainers of mastodon.mit.edu

@prehensile Kinda gives me MIT Stata Center vibes (look it up) but much more monotone

@freeplay I think it's a good backend for a federated forum and it would work great if it had a decent UI.

@charlotte @cadey Yeah, radix sort is normally O(N log C) where C is the max element in the array. But here we have to bound C as a large constant in sleep sort or else the time complexity becomes at least O(C) which is pseudo-polynomial time (basically exponential and very bad).

So that means you can pick your favorite O(N * some function of C) sorting algorithm like radix sort or counting sort or van Emde Boas tree sort and simply ignore the C to get a "O(N)" sleep sort algorithm.

@cadey For the record, I was not hit by a truck.

But yes, including the blatantly wrong fact that sleep sort is constant time is a great way to trigger algorithms nerds, since anyone with algorithms knowledge knows that sorting with a single processor requires O(N) time to go through the input and O(N) time to produce the final array. If you had written "linear" instead of "constant" it would be a lot more believable, and still very impressive as that's the fastest possible runtime for sorting.

@cadey Better argument: spawning N threads requires O(N) time, so sleep sort is therefore at least O(N), not constant. (Sorry for being nitpicky!)

@cadey hah, by that logic any algorithm can be made O(1) by moving the real work to a side effect.

@cadey Wow, nice post!

The only thing that kinda bothered me: the time complexity of sleep sort is still O(N log N), not constant, because the thread scheduler needs some sort of heap or priority queue to know when to wake up a thread.

Yesterday I finished coding and setting up a very unique instance: build pipelines are run bare-metal (no containers!) on the exozy.me server using your server user account.

So why no containers?

This gives us incredibly fast builds (< 1 sec), you can use the same set of binaries available to your user when SSHing in, and just like with Sourcehut, you can SSH in after a failed build to see what went wrong.

Git diff for this: git.exozy.me/exozyme/exozyme/i


@forgefriends #ForgeFederation monthly update is 🗓️ September 24th 5pm UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Collaboration with #Gna, #Forgefed & #Gitea
* Transparency and funding


This is an old article, but some of these are just as hilarious as they were 40 years ago: cpsc.yale.edu/epigrams-program

@corburn the problem is that ssh starts the bash shell before running any other commands, so that idea doesn't work

I f-ed up my .bashrc on a remote server and couldn't log in since ssh always starts bash before doing anything else.

I tried everything... ssh -t, scp, sshfs, sftp, but nothing worked...

I thought I was going to have to contact the server admin to get it fixed. But then by chance I stumbled across this brilliant idea: serverfault.com/a/237481

It took a few tries to get the timing right, but pressing Ctrl-C *just* as you log in actually works!

Salvaging an old HP LaserJet printer by downloading sketchy files from sketchy websites: a.exozy.me/posts/sketchy-websi

@samuelroland I used WEB_DOMAIN in ᠎᠎docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/co

My display name is a zero-width Unicode character, so yes.

Hello from my new fediverse account!


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