Yesterday I finished coding and setting up a very unique instance: build pipelines are run bare-metal (no containers!) on the server using your server user account.

So why no containers?

This gives us incredibly fast builds (< 1 sec), you can use the same set of binaries available to your user when SSHing in, and just like with Sourcehut, you can SSH in after a failed build to see what went wrong.

Git diff for this:


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This is an old article, but some of these are just as hilarious as they were 40 years ago:

I f-ed up my .bashrc on a remote server and couldn't log in since ssh always starts bash before doing anything else.

I tried everything... ssh -t, scp, sshfs, sftp, but nothing worked...

I thought I was going to have to contact the server admin to get it fixed. But then by chance I stumbled across this brilliant idea:

It took a few tries to get the timing right, but pressing Ctrl-C *just* as you log in actually works!

Salvaging an old HP LaserJet printer by downloading sketchy files from sketchy websites:

Hello from my new fediverse account!


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